About BPO

Welcome to the website of Benmore Peak Observatory, a community-oriented astronomical facility atop the Benmore Range in New Zealand's South Island.

The observatory is sited on 81 hectares (200 acres) of the summit plateau, with an elevation ranging from 1820 meters up to 1932 meters at the peak itself. The site is classed as 1 on the Bortle scale.

Benmore Peak Observatory is home to the Southern Astronomy Reserve (SAR) project. This includes the Observatory for Schools (OfS) initiative, and the Two meter teleskopprojekt.

BPO is a self-funded not-for-profit, and is not affiliated with any other organisation(s). It is not an astrotourism venture, and does not engage in commercial activities, such as selling merchandise or operating tours. The observatory is focused on research, education, and art.

Google Map of New Zealand showing location of Benmore Peak Observatory