Southern Astronomy Reserve

[insert your observatory here]

Sections of BPO's land may be made available to any individuals and groups interested in establishing remotely-operated observatories or instruments on the mountain. Right now there is no charge for this, although access to BPO utilities is on a cost-sharing basis. Please feel free to get in touch.

Current hosting projects:

Observatories/Telescopes Owner(s)
Observatory for Schools BPO
GRINCh tba
宇宙船 Private
2-meter project The 2-meter group
Photometry Private
MPI tba
A.S.N.A. tba
Joint Astrophysical Group - South tba
原田 Private
Observatory With No Catchy Name Yet Josh & Sara
Astrometry, Astrophotography, and Exoplanets tba

Note: The Southern Astronomy Reserve supersedes the Robotic Telescope Reserve.