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October 2017

The Moonglow Technologies all-sky camera is to be superceded by two high resolution (8MP) imagers but will remain active and online.

. . .

Final assembly and testing of BPO's new all-sky multi-camera meteor detection and observation system proceeds in Japan. Site installation and commissioning of the Horizon-to-Horizon High-Definition Meteor Camera Array (H2HDMCA) is scheduled for the Southern Hemisphere summer. (Many thanks to Sony Japan.)

September 2017

All legacy structures other than the original site hut have been demolished and removed pending much-improved replacements, work on which will begin once the winter snowmelt has drained away or evaporated.

August 2017

Due to on-going site infrastructure development, live sensor data are not available outside the observatory network at present but may be obtained on request and will be provided via suitable media.